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Володя Стоянов – член на председателския и управителния съвет на БАТОК и собственик на Пирос ООД, коментира статута…

We are happy to announce Piros is taking part in the Global Apparel Sourcing Expo organized in a partnership between Foursource and the International Apparel Federation. You can visit our digital booth between 30th July - 14th August. The Global Apparel Sourcing Expo aims to provide fashion brands and apparel manufacturers with digital means for communication. The need for this becomes increasingly relevant and prevalent especially in the times of Covid19 when travelling restrictions and global textile exhibitions pose a challenge to the ways contacts and partnerships are traditionally made in the industry. Piros is happy to be the only Bulgarian company among the global apparel exhibitors. We believe our active participation in digital formats is an imperative for our growth. You can learn more about our products and capabilities here and send us a direct message if you have an enquiry.

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